How can I make a reservation?
The reservation should be made to our network's coordination centre, either by phone or by filling in the booking request form.

Do I need to send a deposit?
Yes. A deposit of 25% to 45% of the total should be paid within 48 hours of our booking confirmation and a copy of the payment receipt should be sent to us via fax. If a copy of the payment receipt has not been received within 48 hours the reservation will be considered as null. The exact amount of the deposit to be paid will be notified to you in the reservation confirmation. The deposit should be paid by international money order, money transfer or Western Union.
This will, in any case, be indicated in our booking confirmation.

When will I pay the remaining sum?
The balance will be paid directly to the apartment owner on arrival.

What are the minimum and maximum duration of stay?
They range from a few nights to some months, depending on the city. To know more about this, click on the city you are interested in.

Where will I receive the keys?
The keys will be handed to you on arrival by the owner or by his/her representative.

When will I receive directions on how to reach the apartment?
After we receive the deposit we will provide you with all the necessary information on how to reach the apartment and also with the telephone numbers of the person who will meet you on arrival.

When am I expected to arrive?
In all apartments you can arrive on any weekday and at any time.

Who should I contact in case of delay?
Contact the owner directly, the relevant phone numbers will be provided to you.

What does the price include?
The given price includes electricity and heating expenses, bedroom and bathroom linen

Are there any additional costs?
In some apartments you will have to pay a specific deposit when you arrive and receive the keys. It will be returned to you at the end of your stay, after having made sure that there is no damage to the apartment and any objects in it.
Any request for a deposit by the owner will be notified to you in the booking confirmation.

Is linen supplied?
Yes, towels and sheets are supplied in all apartments.

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